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Are you ready?

Do you find yourself on the hamster wheel of creation with your podcast? 

Picture this:

You record your episode. And your part is done!

Now I take care of the rest. I'll work my magic and send you back everything you need to rock your episode!

Meet Liz

Podcast Manager and Strategist

As you know, podcasts are a lot of work. You think they should be easier to produce than they are. You think they should be easier to launch than they are. You’ve already downloaded all the freebies and they’ve taken you as far as you can go. And you don’t really like the tech stuff and you really don’t want to get into editing audio. But I do!

I’m Liz Chapman and I’m here to take all of that stuff off of your plate and make your podcast management and launch easy to manage and understand. As an introvert being a podcast manager and launch specialist is a dream job! All those tasks you don’t like to do, I love them! And the good news is that you can do your dream job while I do my dream job of helping you bring your podcast to the world.


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What I Specialize In

Podcast Management

Podcast Launches + VIP Launches

Strategy Calls

Every podcaster needs a Liz in their life! Prior to having her as my podcast manager, I did ALL the things for my podcast: planning, recording, editing, pitching guests, newsletters, blog posts, show notes…I was a solopreneur to the max. I also had no time to actually grow my business because I spent all of my time on the creation and production hamster wheel. Since Liz started managing The Live By Design Podcast, I’ve finally achieved a consistent publishing scheduling, I regularly share beautiful audiograms on Instagram to promote each episode, and my episode downloads and email open rates have both skyrocketed. Working with Liz has allowed me to focus on the aspects of my business that I love, and I’m able to rest easy knowing Liz, and her incredible organizational skills, have everything else covered. Do yourself a favor and get in touch with Liz today!

- Kate House

Liz is an absolute joy to work with! She’s prompt with deadlines, always follows through and proactively communicates to ensure everything gets done. She is the reason I was able to launch my podcast and has taken a huge weight off my shoulders. If you’re considering hiring her to help manage your podcast, do it!

- Sydney Chakalos

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