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Meet Liz

Podcast Manager and Launch Specialist

As you know, podcasts are a lot of work. You think they should be easier to produce than they are. You think they should be easier to launch than they are. You’ve already downloaded all the freebies and they’ve taken you as far as you can go. And you don’t really like the tech stuff and you really don’t want to get into editing audio. But I do! 

I’m Liz Chapman and I’m here to take all of that stuff off of your plate and make your podcast management and launch easy to manage and understand. As an introvert being a podcast manager and launch specialist is a dream job! All those tasks you don’t like to do, I love them! And the good news is that you can do your dream job while I do my dream job of helping you bring your podcast to the world.


After working with a friend to edit and launch her podcast I was hooked! It turns out I love editing audio and I fell in love with the backend of podcast production. I’ve become an expert in managing and launching podcasts.

Podcasters often tell me that they would love to get the editing, show notes, and graphics off their plate because then they could focus on growing their business instead of always working on their podcasts. Because as we know podcasts are a continual hamster wheel of creation. 


Did you know that podfade is when someone starts a new podcast and after a handful of episodes, slowly or suddenly stops producing episodes? Podfade happens in about 75% of podcasts and some don’t even make it to their first episode. This doesn’t have to be you. That’s where I come in to help you get off the continual wheel of podcast creation and management.


If you still feel that churn of the constant creation whether you have already launched or want to launch, and the fear and overwhelm still hasn’t allowed you to move forward through the process then I’m here to help you finally get your podcast launched so in 8 weeks instead of downloading one more launch freebie checklist you can say “I’ve finally launched my dream podcast!”


Once you launch your podcast you will increase your visibility, place yourself as the expert directly in front of your ideal client and scale your business in a new way.

Are you ready to get started?

Not only do I enjoy the strategy that comes with helping podcasters scale their podcasts and in turn their businesses. I also love

Editing audio for a friend evolved into a business I never saw coming.

  • Strategy Calls

  • Editing

  • Graphic Design

  • Launches

  • Creating organization systems for your podcast

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