Meet Liz

Podcast Manager and Launch Specialist

I'm so excited you are here! I'm often asked how I got into podcasting and I always say it was an accident but then again don't most entrepreneurial stories start similarly?

I am a former Travel agent and in early 2021 I closed by travel business. By summer 2021 I was longing to be back in the travel business without the stress of booking clients (I'm looking at you C-vid wreaking havoc on the travel world). I decided to launch a Virtual Assistance business helping travel agents in the back end of their business. 

At the time they were still getting back on their feet financially due to the pandemic and a friend reached out asking would I edit her podcast she was launching. 

At the time I knew nothing about editing but she was willing to take the chance and I taught myself all there was to know about podcast management.

And as they say the rest is history! I loved podcast management so much that I pivoted into the podcast space exclusively and love it so much! 

Now I'm excited to help you manage your podcast or if a podcast has been on your heart I can't wait to help you launch it and get it out into the world!