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Get Your Podcast Launch Guide Now

Let's move beyond the research phase into action!

Welcome friend! I am so incredibly excited for you and your new podcast!


It's so easy to get overwhelmed (and then stuck) when you're planning a podcast launch!


You know the cycle... the old hamster on a wheel doing just 'a little more research' until you're drowning in the tidal wave of information and



But I can help you! This guide helps you avoid the cycle of inaction so that you can have the podcast of your dreams.


It's time to move beyond the research phase into action. You'll get a clear roadmap and schedule, plus checklists for both a launch countdown and planning your episodes.



Still feeling stuck after going through this guide? Join me on a free discovery call and let me help you one-on-one through the launch process.



And remember friend, the goal through this podcast launch

is progress not perfection.

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