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“Every podcaster needs a Liz in their life! Prior to having her as my podcast manager, I did ALL the things for my podcast: planning, recording, editing, pitching guests, newsletters, blog posts, show notes… I was a solopreneur to the max. I also had no time to actually grow my business because I spent all of my time on the creation and production hamster wheel .Since Liz started managing The Live By Design Podcast, I’ve finally achieved a consistent publishing scheduling, I regularly share beautiful audiograms on Instagram to promote each episode, and my episode downloads and email open rates have both skyrocketed. Working with Liz has allowed me to focus on the aspects of my business that I love, and I’m able to rest easy knowing Liz, and her incredible organizational skills, have everything else covered.

Do yourself a favor and get in touch with Liz today!

-Kate House The Live By Design Podcast-

Monthly Editing

Do you enjoy doing all of the things for your podcast but you need help with editing? It generally takes 3-4 times the length of your episode to edit it. Let me free up all those hours that you spend editing and I'll take it from here!

  • Up to 4 shows a month

  • Add intro and outro

  • Add hook and AD

  • Sound editing to remove pauses, mistakes, filler words such as umms and ahhs

  • Noise Reduction

  • Sound Equalization

  • ID3 Tagging

  • MP3 file to a shared google drive

You will end up with a polished episode that flows like a natural conversation

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The Convenience 

The convenience package is all about consistency!


With the convenience package you can have consistency in your podcast. You send me the raw audio and I had you back a finished product including a fully edited show and graphics to help you promote your show consistently.

  • Everything in the monthly editing package

  • Upload episode and schedule to media host

  • Write show notes and show description

  • 2 audiograms per episode for host (one for a post and one for a story)

  • 1 graphic per episode for host to promote episode

  • Organization system to track all pieces of your podcast, guests and analytics

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Full Monthly 

With the full monthly management package you get back all of your time! If you feel that you are on the hamster wheel of creation with your podcast this is the package for you. Full management is a gift from me to you. All you have to do is record your podcast and I will take care of everything else for you.

  • Everything in the convenience package

  • Turn show notes into a short form blog post and schedule your blogs

  • Turn show notes into weekly emails and schedule emails

  • Pre/Post Guest Management

  • Graphics for guests in their brand colors

  • Audiograms for guests

  • Ongoing Strategy support

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Don't see a package that fits your needs? Reach out today
with your needs and I can create a custom package for you.