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"When I think about where I was with my mind space about the podcast six months ago, I thought only I could edit the podcast. So well, if I do say so myself and I have learned in working with Liz that. That is not true. Liz can edit the podcast better than I can, and she can write show notes better than I can. And she can support the growth of the podcast in ways that I just don't have the time or the capacity to do so. And so that's something I'm going to do differently in the future."

-Kate House The Live By Design Podcast-

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"I'm thrilled to have Liz Chapman as my Podcast Manager! Since she joined my podcasting team, we've seen incredible growth, producing not one but TWO episodes each week, our email open rate and podcast consumption rate have both skyrocketed, and I've gained back  so  much  time!

Prior to working with Liz I was trapped on the creation-hamster-wheel: plan an episode, record, edit, produce, repeat. There wasn't any time to actually work on my business because I was always working in it.

Now, thanks to Liz, I've regained so much of my time, which is incredible when you realize that we're creating twice as many episodes each week now, and I'm still more free to create and grow elsewhere!

If you're wondering if hiring Liz will help your podcast grow, take your least desirable tasks off your always growing to do list, and free up your time - I'm here to tell you a resounding YES. Go do yourself a favor and give her a call today!"

- Kate House The Live By Design Podcast -

"Liz is an absolute joy to work with! She’s prompt with deadlines, always follows through and proactively communicates to ensure everything gets done. She is the reason I was able to launch my podcast and has taken a huge weight off my shoulders. If you’re considering hiring her to help manage your podcast, do it!"

- Sydney Chakalos Marketing Your Local Business Online Podcast -

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